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The Ultimate Relief of Back Pain
the pretzel cracker.. :-)

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1st [texture] 4 feet long cot is -.3 feet above a 2nd black 4 feet long cot. a 1 large [texture] donut is in front of and -.2 feet above the 1st cot. 1st 4 feet tall pretzel is -3.6 feet to the front of and -.6 feet above the 1st cot. it leans 10 degrees to the front. it faces right. a celery green wall is 2 feet left of the 2nd cot. it faces right. the ground is tile.a silver hoe is left of and 1.5 feet behind the 2nd cot.it is upside down.it is -1 feet above the ground.a 2 feet tall spinal cord is -3 inches right of and -2 feet above the hoe. a [medical] picture is -5 feet above and .1 feet right of the wall. it faces right. 2nd 4 feet tall woman is 1.5 feet in front of and -.5 feet right of the 2nd cot. she faces the pretzel. a 4.2 feet tall man is .8 feet behind the 2nd woman. he faces the southwest. the sun's azimuth is 200 degrees. the sun's altitude is 88 degrees. the suit of the man is linen. the sun is tan. the camera light is gray. a beige light is right of and -3 feet above the pretzel.
Contrast, Sharpen
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