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street art

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a clear white sheet.the sheet is 1 feet above the ground.a 1st silver man is -6.9 feet in front of the sheet.the 1st man is face up.the 1st man is on the ground.it is dawn.a 1st woman is left of the sheet.the woman is facing the sheet.a 2nd woman is right of the sheet.the 2nd woman is facing the sheet.a 2nd man is in front of the 2nd woman.the 2nd man is facing northwest.a 3rd woman is -8 inches behind the sheet.a 3rd man is -15 inches in front of the sheet.the 3rd man is facing the sheet.a red light is above the 1st man.
Nanook (2017) 
I have seen some that are so 3 dimensional you feel like you're going to fall in. Nice!
nheiges (2017) 
Fantastic! Love the idea of it. I have seen these too, very realistic illusions.
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