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I think I'll Make An Offer
This house has it going on!!

Input text: 
a house. a silver marble is .1 inch above the dishwasher of the house. 1 orange light is 6 inches above the dishwasher of the house. 1st 4.5 feet tall woman is .6 feet behind and -.3 feet left of the marble. she is on the ground. she faces northeast. 2 pond blue lights are 1 inch right of the orange light. 3 lavender lights are 6 inches above and 2 inches behind the woman. 4 delft blue lights are 1 inch above the sink of the house. the dishwasher of the house is [tile]. the window pane of the house is clear. 3 dim resin green lights are -14 feet to the front of and -11 feet right of and -9 feet above the house. the camera light is dim antique rose. the island of the house is 1 inch wide [marble]. the sink of the house is [metal]. 2nd 4.5 feet tall woman is to the right of and .6 feet behind the 1st woman. she faces the 1st woman. the sun is blue.
Cracked paint, Contrast, Sharpen
watcher570 (2017) 
it looks interesting !
nheiges (2017) 
Makes me want to move into a new house with a kitchen island. :-) The lighting is really nice!
Nanook (2017) 
Thanks it's nice to be able to decide on the extras you lighting :-DDD
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