Fast Eddie, let's play some pool
nheiges typed a picture: a 1st dark gray pool table. the pool table's felt is dark forest green. the ground is wood. a 1st 6.5 foot tall man is behind the pool table. his suit is black. his necktie is black. his hair is black. a 2nd man is -1 foot to the left of the pool table. a marble is in front of and -1 inch to the left of the pool table. the man faces the marble. his shirt is white. he leans 10 degrees to the left. a 8 foot tall and 2.5 inch wide black cone is -3 foot above and -5.8 foot to the right of the 2nd man. it leans 112 degrees to the left. a 1st 3 foot tall and 50 foot wide gray wall is 10 feet behind the 1st man. a 20 foot tall and 6 foot wide window is -1 inch above the wall. the window leans 90 degrees to the left. a 2nd gray wall is -1 inch to the left of the window. a bank is 10 feet behind the window. a condominium is to the left of the bank. a huge 80% dim ghost white light is above and behind the window. a large purple light is 10 feet above the pool table. a oyster gray light is above and south of and east of the 2nd man. the ambient light is gray. the camera light is black currant.
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 Effects: Canvas texture, Cracked paint, Despeckle, Posterize, Saturation, Illustration
watcher570  (7/13/2017) 
the effects really make this scene!
KAWE  (7/13/2017) 
who will make the play?
nheiges  (7/13/2017) 
It's Fast Eddie's play but Minnesota Fats's game - at this point in the movie. :-) Thanks, @watcher570!
Nanook  (7/13/2017) 
great scene! nothing like a good pool tournament!
nheiges  (7/13/2017) 
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