Late Night Pizza With Josie

Input text: There is a 1st white angel. A 2nd white angel is 6 feet in the 1st white angel. There is a marble behind the 2nd angel. The 2nd angel faces the marble. A 3rd clear angel is 6 feet in the 2nd angel. The 3rd angel faces the left. A 4th clear angel is 6 feet in the 3rd angel. The 4th angel faces the right. The ground is concrete. A gold light. There is a table to the right of the 1st angel. The table is 1 inch in the ground. A woman is to the right of the table. The hair of the woman is white. The dress of the woman is orange. The table is 2 inches to the left of the woman. The woman faces the table. There is a pizza on the table. A 1st plate is 1 foot to the right of the pizza. A 2nd plate is 1 foot to the left of the pizza. A 1st slice is 1 foot above and 1 foot to the left of the 2nd plate. The 1st slice leans 90 degrees to the front. A 2nd slice is on top of the 1st plate. A 1st bottle is behind the 1st plate. A 2nd bottle is in front of the 2nd plate. A 10 foot tall gold umbrella is behind the 1st bottle. The umbrella is .1 inches in the ground. A long [image-11287] wall is behind the umbrella. The wall is 11 feet tall. a road is 2 feet in front of the table. A pink light is above the pizza. An orange light is above the 2nd plate. A 1st red light is to the left of the 1st angel. A 2nd red light is behind the woman. A cyan light is above the umbrella. a blue light is below the umbrella. The ambient light is blue.
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watcher570  (2017) 
nheiges  (2017) 
great scene! Welcome to Night Vale has a lot to give :-) @watcher570 I think you would get a kick out of this podcast - you can listen on Soundcloud. Here is the first ep:
KAWE  (2017) 
Nanook  (2017) 
sounds like fun :-)
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