Saving the Species May Be Impossible
Nanook typed a picture: a 1st ice cube.a clear 0.5 feet tall sphere is -2 inches above the ice cube. 1st 2 inches tall ocelot is on the ice cube.clear ground.a cyan light is 3 inches in front of the ice cube.a blue light is in front of the ocelot.a 1 feet tall man is behind and .5 feet above the ice cube.the man is leaning 32 degrees to the south.the ocelot is facing northeast.the man's shirt is clear.a 20 feet long and 1 feet tall clear fence is .8 feet behind the ice cube. 2nd 3 inches tall ocelot is .4 feet behind and -10.2 feet left of the fence. it faces the 1st ocelot. a coral light is 2 inches above the 2nd ocelot. 2 orange lights are .5 inch above the 1st ocelot. a 1.5 feet tall yakuza is 1.5 feet behind and -8 feet left of the fence. he faces southeast. the tiny human head is -.55 feet to the right of and -.4 feet in front of and -.5 feet above the yakuza. it leans 4 degrees to the front. the camera light is dim celery green. 3rd 3.2 inch tall ocelot is 3 inches right of the 2nd ocelot. it faces the 1st ocelot. the chair of the yakuza is gold. the necktie of the yakuza is red.the table of the yakuza is shiny metal. a 3 feet tall [texture] tree is behind and 3 feet left of the yakuza. a .9 feet tall skeleton is .3 feet behind the 3rd ocelot. it leans right. a small rope brown skull is -.28 feet left of and -.42 feet above the tree. it faces southeast.the suit of the yakuza is black.
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watcher570  (2017) 
great reply and link
nheiges  (2017) 
This is so depressing.
KAWE  (2017) 
yes, everything Trump is touching is crap
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