rene wagner typed a picture: the ground is 260 feet wide. the ground is clear. a 20 feet tall clear wave. a car is -10 feet above the wave. the car is facing southwest. a cyan light is right of the car. a 40 feet tall clear sphere is -30 feet above the car. a sea spray blue light is in front of the car. the sea spray blue light is 10 feet above the ground. the sun is midnight blue. the sky is cloud. a white light is 4 feet left of the sphere.
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Nanook  (9/12/2017) 
love it....makes me think of what it would be like under one of the cars swept up by the floods...I's hard to get away from...
nheiges  (9/12/2017) 
oooh, love this
lespaulguy  (9/13/2017) 
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