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Will Keep Him From His Rounds....
...of pizza that is !!

Input text: 
a sidewalk faces right. a large sheet of paper is on the sidewalk.it faces front. it leans 90 degrees to the front. a 1.2 inch tall pizza is .1 feet in front of and -1.7 feet above the paper. it leans 90 degrees to the front. a black 1.8 inch tall "$1.34" is -.3 feet above and -.5 feet right of and .1 feet in front of the paper. a 1.3 inch tall black "PIZZA STAMP" is -1.6 feet above the pizza. the 1 inch tall black "FREE DELIVERY" is -2.58 inches above the "PIZZA STAMP". a 25 inch tall man is left of the paper. he faces the paper. 1st 6 inch tall [brick] wall is behind the sidewalk. 2nd 5 feet tall tile wall is 4 feet behind the 1st wall. a 16 inch tall table is behind and -8 feet right of the 1st wall. a 18 inch tall chair is -4 inches behind the table. 3rd flat clear wall is above the 1st wall. a 18 inch tall boy is on the chair. a small glass is on the table. a orange light is above the table. a tiny pizza is left of and behind the glass. a .5 inch tall pizza is -3.7 inches right of and -13.4 inches above and -3.8 inches in front of the man. it leans 78 degrees to the northwest. it is upside down.the ground is [tile]. the 1 feet tall clear red "PIZZA" is -3 feet above and .2 feet in front of the 2nd wall. the sun is violet. 3 cyan lights are -3.5 feet above and .1 feet in front of the 2nd wall. 1st miniature [snow] sand dune is right of and -.3 feet behind the paper. 2nd very miniature [snow] sand dune is -15 inches left of the man.
Contrast, Melt
cemurp (2017) 
really funny
nheiges (2017) 
lol :-D
coyne (2017) 
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