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The DNA Repairman

Input text: 
a 1 foot tall blue dna is -1.5 feet above a 3 foot tall silver egg. the dna leans to the right. a .5 foot tall man is -.25 foot to the right of and -.7 foot above the dna. the man faces the dna. the man leans 3 degrees to the front. a .09 foot tall soldering gun is -.1 foot behind and -.08 foot to the left of and -.225 feet above the man. the soldering gun faces left. the soldering gun leans 2 degrees to the back. the ambient light is peach. a beige rose light is -.1 foot to the right of the man. 3 tangerine lights are -.1 foot above the dna. 3 pink lights are -.1 foot in front of the dna. a fuchsia light is above the man.
KAWE (2017) 
na!na! donĀ“t touch it! btw the most powerful tool is CRISPR
watcher570 (2017) 
very topical
coyne (2017) 
funny one
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