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the artist views his work.

Input text: 
a clear white car part.a computer is -10 inches right of the car part.the computer is facing right.the computer is 10 inches above the ground.a white light is -10 inches above the car part.the computer's display screen is art.a cyan light is 2 inches left of the white light.a man is 1 feet right of the car part.the man is facing left.a yellow light is left of the man.the ground is 150 feet tall.
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KAWE (2017) 
hmm what does he see?
nheiges (2017) 
very cool!
nheiges (2017) 

He views his work from different angles.
cemurp (2017) 
as through a mirror dimly
Nanook (2017) 
so cool, like in the darkroom. burn , dodge and print :-)
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