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Magritte's clothes hanger II
15 August is Magritte's 50th anniversary

Input text: 
a 40 inch tall wood clothes hanger. a 50 inch tall and 15 inch wide wood walking cane is -55 inch above the clothes hanger.sky is 970 feet tall.ground is clear.the walking cane is -26 inch right of the clothes hanger.a 10 inch tall black bowler hat is -40 inch above the clothes hanger.the bowler leans 30 degrees to the front.the bowler is in front of the clothes hanger.the bowler is -30 inch left of the clothes hanger.the hook of the clothes hanger is gold.ambient light is 70% dim gray.a 33 inch tall and 30 inch wide window is -2.9 inch behind the walking cane. the pane of the window is antique white.the window is -25 inch above the walking cane.the window is -17 inch right of the walking cane.the window leans 25 degrees to back.a 14 inch tall pigeon is -29 inch above the window.the pigeon is in front of the window.the pigeon is facing southwest.the frame of the window is wood.
Sharpen, Saturation
watcher570 (2017) 
nice touch with the bird :-)
nheiges (2017) 
yes! nice how things interlock
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