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Sometimes the Art...
...Is in what you dont see.

Input text: a large tall frame is on the patio. a tall brick wall is behind the patio. the wall is 20 feet wide. a second tall brick wall is facing east. it is 20 feet wide. a frame is next to the large frame. a large frame is in front of the frame. a tiny black bucket is on the frame. the very large acorn is on the small plate. the plate is on the cloth ground. the cherry is next to the plate. the banana is behind the plate. it is facing east. the springtime green apple is behind the cherry. it is dull. the pear is .2 feet to the right of the plate. the cookie is .2 feet in front of the pear. the cup is .1 feet in front of the plate. the the coin is in front of the cup. the pot is .5 feet in front of the apple. the pot is facing south. the pot is taupe mauve. it is dull. a tall cup is to the left of the candle. the candle is 1 feet to the left of the banana. the tiny orange illuminator is on the candle. the big green bottle is .6 feet behind the banana.
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coyne  (5 years ago) 
have you seen frank? inside wordseye joke :-)
TheHoofer  (5 years ago) 
Haha yeah, i tried to get just the top of the picture in the frame... like the walls and stuff, but when i rendered it they dissapeared.
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