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Jellyfish Haikus
The entire text is a series of haikus, each complete statements on their own.

Input text: 
1st jellyfish is 5 feet above the texture Ground. The sky is gold. The jellyfish is Clear. The 2nd jellyfish Is large. It is clear. 2nd jellyfish Is left of 1st jellyfish. It faces the right. 3rd clear jellyfish Above the 2nd jellyfish. It faces the right. 4th clear jellyfish Right of the 3rd jellyfish. It is leaning right. 5th clear jellyfish Left of the 3rd jellyfish. It is 1 foot wide.
1016 (Created on: IOS)
cemurp (2017) 
fucking dope
nheiges (2017) 
Very creative concept! I love it!
RedToxon (2017) 
This is really wild. Great work, I'm honestly impressed.
Mimiso (2017) 
Thank you all :)
Nanook (2017) 
daniel (2017) 
I'm a big fan of wordseye poetry. Well done!
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