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Fill me up, Fill me up...
...Butter Cup Baby...(shamelessly derivative)

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the sky has a starfield texture. the cloud is white. a 10 foot tall teacup-vp21828 is in the cloud. the flower texture is on the teacup-vp21828. the teacup-vp21828 is facing back. the texture is 6 feet wide. the ground is gold. an astronaut is left of the teacup-vp21828. a very large gas station is ten feet behind the teacup-vp21828. a flying saucer is ten feet behind the astronaut
coyne (legacy) 
ah, i see you're back to your old habits of copying other people's scenes again!
Zamchick (legacy) 
Just reminding myself of how it feels when "WordsEye pictures are
sent spontaneously in rapid response to email or IM banter, as
visual commentary, jokes, etc."
coyne (legacy) 
right..i actually figured that. just giving you a hard time. :-)
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