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HDR rendering

Input text: 
a 50 inch tall house.the house is 120 inch wide [moss].the window of the house is clear yellow.the roof of the house is [moss].the door of the house is clear yellow.the house is -4 inch above the ground.the house leans 5 degrees to west.ground is 90 inch wide [moss].a 1st 100 inch tall 20% dim parrot green baobab tree is -25 inch behind the house.the tree trunk of the 1st baobab tree is 10% dim parrot green. a 65 inch tall 40% dim parrot green tree is -30 inch right of the house.the tree trunk of the tree is 5% dim brown.a 20 inch tall [moss] armchair is 1 inch in front of the house.the armchair leans 15 degrees to west.a 370 inch wide and 150 inch tall flat [KAWE64] wall is 30 inch behind the house.ground is 600 feet tall.
Contrast, Contrast, Hue, Canvas texture, Saturation
watcher570 (2017) 
KAWE (2017) 
seems to be worth trying
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