The Addams Family
Thanks to @watcher570 for the original scene and idea. I wanted to give Gomez a moustache, but my patience ran out.

Input text: a 1st 6 feet tall black person. a 8 feet tall businessman is 2 inches right of the person. the businessman's hair is beige. a 1st black woman is -1 foot to the left of the person. the 1st woman's hair is black. the 1st woman's eye is black. a 8 feet wide and 3 foot tall [hair] egg is left of the woman. it leans 90 degrees to the right. it is 4 feet in the ground. a 2nd 4 foot tall woman is left of the egg. she is on the ground. a 3.3 foot tall and 3 foot wide boy is -3 feet to the left of and in front of the 2nd woman. he faces southeast. a huge headwear is -1.5 feet above and -1 foot in front of the egg. a 50 feet tall wall is 3 feet behind the person.the wall is 80 feet long.the businessman is facing southwest.the wall is rock.the ground is is night. the second woman's hair is black. a 1 foot tall black cube is on the ground. it is 3 feet in front of the 1st woman. a .8 foot tall white hand is -.1 foot above the cube. a flat black tree is in front of the wall. the ambient light is black currant.
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Effects: Cracked paint, Saturation, Saturation, Brightness, Brightness, Contrast, Contrast
Attributions: The Munste... by watcher570
watcher570  (2017) 
nice one!
Nanook  (2017) 
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