Input text: clear sphere. it is 10 feet tall. it is 6 feet in ground. three ghost white lights 2 feet in sphere. shiny black symbol 2.5 foot above sphere. it is facing down. 25 foot tall silver flag is 4 feet above ground and 2 feet to right of sphere. it is facing sphere. it leans 25 degrees to the front. it is afternoon. sun is light pink. one lilac light above symbol. animal -31 feet in front of symbol. it is 4 feet above ground. it is 4 feet tall. it leans 70 degrees to the right. it is [cloud]. dim antique gold light behind animal
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Attributions: coalescenc... by cemurp
nheiges  (2017) 
I like the elephant in this scene :-)
Nanook  (2017) 
these are interesting scenes, I'm curious...do they have anything to do with the Hajj ?
cemurp  (2017) 
thanks!! @Nanook, not consciously, whoa-- hadn't realized that was just happening o.o
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