space weather
cemurp typed a picture: sky is [abstract]. ground is clear. shiny gold 60 inch tall witch is 7 feet above ground. it is facing north. 3 ghost white lights above witch. one peach light in front of witch. witch leans 30 degrees to front. 1st shiny large black bat is 2 feet above witch. 2nd shiny large black bat is 5 inches in front of and 2 inches above 1st bat. 3rd shiny large black bat is 10 inches to left of and 10 inch behind 1st bat. 1 green light 1 inch above 1st bat. 1 red light 1 inch above 2nd bat. 1 blue light above 3rd bat (This scene uses Getty Images )
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 Effects: Talk Balloon
nheiges  (9/12/2017) 
cool! I like the look of the shiny gold witch!
lespaulguy  (9/12/2017) 
That's great!
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