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Changing The Tube On The TV
Thanks nheiges for the idea :-)

Input text: 
a 6 foot tall [metal] tv is on and -2.7 feet right of a 3.5 foot tall luggage rack. the luggage rack faces southwest. the tv faces southwest. the tv's screen is .7 feet tall [jcd]. 1st 3 feet tall and 30 feet long wood wall is 2 feet behind and -6 feet right of the luggage rack. 2nd 7 feet tall and 30 feet long [pattern] wall is on the 1st wall. a 30 feet tall flat wood tube is -.1 feet above and in front of the 1st wall. it leans 90 degrees to the left. the ground is [tile]. the dial of the tv is silver. a man is -3.7 feet in front of and -1.3 feet right of the luggage rack. he faces northwest. a 1.2 feet tall mirror is -2.5 feet above and -1.3 feet in front of and -1.2 feet left of the man. it faces the man. it leans 27 degrees to the left. the frame of the mirror is [metal]. the window pane of the mirror is rock. a .9 feet tall clear gray fire extinguisher is -4.42 feet above and -3.25 feet left of and -.72 feet behind the man. it leans 68 degrees to the right.it is night. a 6 feet tall floor lamp is -1.5 feet left of and behind the luggage rack. 2 orange lights are -4 inches above the floor lamp.the camera light is dim pond blue. the ambient light is steel blue. 2 dim coral lights are 1 inch above the fire extinguisher. a outlet is 3 feet right of the lamp and .9 feet above the ground. a plug is in front of and -.2 feet above the outlet. it leans 130 degrees to the back..
##HD #totwThe1960s 
Cracked paint, Brightness, Contrast, Brightness, Sharpen
watcher570 (2017) 
I remember looking into the back of these old Tv's to see if the valve was lighting up :-)
nheiges (2017) 
KAWE (2017) 
obviously a semi-succesful change :-)
lespaulguy (2017) 
nice tube!
Nanook (2017) 
thanks, yes @KAWE but he still has to get the roll out of the pic. :-)
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