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a chair is in front of a flat wall.a table is in front of the chair.the table is facing right.a gun is on the table.the gun is leaning 90 degrees to the table.the gun is facing northeast.a hat is behind the gun.the gun is -15 inches in front of the table.the hat is -12 inches right of the gun.a lamp is 10 inches left of the hat.the wall is 50 feet long.a ashtray is 6 inches right of the hat. glass is 2 inches behind the ashtray.a 45% yellow light is -5 inches above the lamp.it is night.the wall is black.the ground is dark.the lamp is -3 inches behind the hat.a man is right of the table.the man is facing the table.the hat is black.
##HD #totwfilmnoir 
Sharpen, Posterize
nheiges (2017) 
Don't worry, a desperate blonde will walk in the door when you least expect it, just in time to pay the bills. Posterize is a nice effect for this!
Nanook (2017) 
how did I miss this one?? Really cool set up and shadow !!
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