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Input text: 
a dresser.a man is 5 feet in front of the dresser.the man is face up.the man is facing right.a primate is -2 inches above the man.the primate is facing left.the ground is 120 feet tall.the man's dress suit is purple.the primate is skin.the ground is [abstract].the sun is pink.a green light is in front of the primate.shiny ground.a 1st clock is right of the man.the 1st clock is facing the dresser.the 1st clock is in front of the man.a 2nd clock is 5 feet left of the 1st clock.the 2nd clock is facing north.
nheiges (2017) 
cute! that primate just needs some attention :-)
Nanook (2017) 

hedgehog1965 (2017) 
I can tell he's a man of distinction
coyne (2017) 
cool scene!
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