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nuclear destruction is merely the logical outcome of the course of industry and capitalism, the natural end of the project of consolidation of power. nuclear power is power at its most concentrated, an astonishing advance, extracting the excess from the world directly and bending it unilaterally -- no pesky workers of the world to rise up in outrage. incidentally, this depersonalisation of power is a handy trick to disguise our culpability. how many of us go about our days as normal, doing the things that 'must be done', Just Following Orders. the destruction that follows is no unexpected tragedy, it is what we have been working toward from the very first time we devised the notion of tradeable and accumulable excess, of value being more valuable outside of that which produces it-- that is to say, since the beginning of time irreversible (and, thus, immemorial).

Input text: 
1st green sign panel. small red skull and crossbones symbol 6 inches in front of 1st sign panel. ground is clear. sky is lime green. it is dawn
463 (Created on: IOS)
Effects: Invert, Solarize, Hue, Saturation
Nanook  (2017) 
speechless !!
nheiges  (2017) 
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