did you hear the news?

Input text: 1st clear marble on ground. 1st shiny grey sphere is 10 foot above and 6 inches to left of 1st marble. 2nd shiny grey sphere is 10 foot above and 6 inches to right of 1st marble. ground is 70 foot wide [pattern]. 1 white light in 1st marble. it is night. 1 blue light 25 feet above 1st marble. 1 dim lilac light 23 feet above 1st marble. 1 pink light 21 feet above 1st marble. 1 red light above 1st marble. 1 black light above 1st sphere. sky is 50 foot wide [pattern]
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nheiges  (2017) 
I just now heard the news about the two neutron stars colliding!
cemurp  (2017) 
@nheiges -- it is SO EXCITING, i've been glued to articles and this press conference all day. trying to decipher some of the journal articles and wishing i had an astrophysicist's brain to pick!!
nheiges  (2017) 
It is exciting! Astronomy is fascinating though I know very little about it - all I know is thanks to Neil Tyson :-) Oooh, I want to hear him talk about it - will have to search in a bit . . .
Nanook  (2017) 
pretty darn interesting event !!!
KAWE  (2017) 
a very nice presentation of colliding neutron stars
boneybird  (2017) 
oh boy!
hedgehog1965  (2017) 
I heard the gravitational wave... sounded like someone playing a bicycle pump :-)
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