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video killed the radio star

Input text: 
a skeleton.a statue is 15 feet behind the skeleton. the statue is marble. a gun is left of the skeleton.the gun is 3 feet above the ground.the skeleton is facing the statue.the gun is facing the statue.the ground is marble.the statue is 5 feet tall.a blue-violet light is 2 feet in front of the skeleton.a yellow light is behind the statue. there is an extremely large sphere 5 feet behind the statue 1 foot above the ground. the sphere is transparent. a television is 1 foot behind the skeleton on the ground facing northwest. a radio is 1 foot in front of the statue on the ground.
#vaporwave #skeleton #violence 
999 (Created on: IOS)
Scene credits:
Nanook (2017) 
great start and welcome!
hedgehog1965 (2017) 
The mind Buggles
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