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the 1st 3 feet tall shiny sphere. the 2nd 2 feet tall shiny sphere is on the 1st sphere. the 3rd 1.3 foot tall shiny sphere is on the 2nd sphere. the big carrot is -15 inches above and -1.5 feet in front of the 3rd sphere. it is facing up. the 1.1 feet tall hat is on the 3rd sphere. the wide tie is -1.1 inch in front of the 2nd sphere and 0.1 inch under the 3rd sphere. it is sunny. the big puddle is -13 inches to the right of the 1st sphere. the yellow light is on the hat. the puddle is shiny. 2 fish are in the puddle. they are facing to the tie. they are -2 inches above the puddle
hedgehog1965 (2017) 
Brings a slushy puddle of tears to my eyes...