Spent the Day In Bed
hedgehog1965 typed a picture: A man is on a gold bed. The blanket of the bed is [cream]. A dark bus is behind the bed. It is facing east. A shiny train is -6 feet left of the bus. The ground is clear and dark. A humongous wall is behind and -60 feet right of the bus. It is 35 feet wide [rain]. It is 50% dark. The sun is pink. A cyan light is behind the bed. A lemon light is in front of and above the bed. A red light is right of and above the bus. A shiny rug is 5 feet in front of and -5 feet above the bed. It is leaning front. (This scene uses Getty Images )
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nheiges  (11/3/2017) 
No bus, no boss, no rain, no train :-) Love the green and gold!
watcher570  (11/4/2017) 
great scene
Nanook  (11/4/2017) 
such a rich composition :-)
hedgehog1965  (11/4/2017) 
Thanks! 11pm here now... must be about time to get up :-)

(Actually... it will be for my brother, he works nights for the NHS)
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