inaccessible memories
cemurp typed a picture: 1st marble on ground. 12 large bats 7 feet above marble. they lean 20 degrees to the back. 1st [wood] bridge is 1.5 feet left of 1st marble. it is 2 feet above ground. ground is clear. 3 old gold lights are 5 feet above bridge. 1st pink light is 10 feet above and 18 inches left of marble. it is dusk. camera light is sienna. sky is [water]
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 Effects: Invert, Hue, Hue, Invert
cemurp  (11/8/2017) 

a variation that didn't turn out so great
Nanook  (11/8/2017) 
I like them both but I think the spots of light are magnetic :-)
lespaulguy  (11/9/2017) 
coyne  (11/9/2017) 
agree on the variation...very nice!
nheiges  (11/9/2017) 
I like both, but those light spots are really eye-catching. Will have to look and see how you did it!
cemurp  (11/10/2017) 
thanks all! was mostly disappointed in the quality once it reuploaded, trying to figure out what i can do differently
@nheiges -- the light spots are yet another 3rd party app ;)
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