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liberty-- in both its abstract conception and its real instantiation-- is foundational to the human. it is evident also that ideals must be constantly upheld, reaffirmed, in the present in order to mean anything. a prison is not liberty. it is its engineered opposite. if the so-called constitution is mere lip service now, if it does not hold its supposed defenders/ees to the inalienable humanity it claims to recognize, and instead *is used as a tool of oppression*, it is of no use to us. defend life, burn the constitution, burn the prisons. liberty and justice for all.

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1st dull silver cage is 3 foot above ground. 1st [fire] flame 1.3 foot in 1st cage. sky is grey. ground is clear
##HD #totwvictory 
hedgehog1965 (2017) 
With today's leaderships I'm beginning to wonder if the anarchists are right...

It’s About Freedom, Not Chaos – Anarchy Is The Most Peaceful Way Of Organizing Society.
Anarchy literally means without rulers. Let’s consult etymology— Archy translates to rulership. The preface ‘An-‘ means without. Therefore, the correct literal translation of anarchy simply means without rulers as opposed to without rules as is commonly, but incorrectly, believed.
cemurp (2017) 
@hedgehog1965 a very simplified version of my very fledgling take on it-- any political system is ultimately reliant on the individual's self-governance-- why should the power not be relegated to the people .
Nanook (2017) 
a topic that can be and has I'm sure been debated at some length ;-).
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