The Upside Down

Input text: the [stranger] wall is 4 feet above the ground. the wall is 14 feet wide. it is 1 inch deep. the ground is 130 feet wide. the sky is black. the ink blue light is behind the wall. the chartreuse light is 1 foot to the right of the red light. the sun is black. the enormous octopus is behind the wall. it is upside down. the huge salamander is 1.5 foot in front of the octopus. it is 1 foot above the ground. the man is 30 feet behind the salamander. he is on the ground.
Tags:  ##HD  #totwupsidedown 
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Effects: Swirl
watcher570  (2017) 
lespaulguy  (2017) 
Great series, "Stranger Things"
Nanook  (2017) 
haven't seen the show...:-)
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