The Lucrative Second Kiwi Home Market
boneybird typed a picture:  a 100 inch tall shiny 60% dim delft blue kiwi bird.ground is 100 inch wide [sky].the kiwi bird is 100 inch above the ground.ground is 80 feet is evening.ambient light is is 7000 feet leans 10 degrees to north.a 50 inch tall 50% dim delft blue house is -30 inch right of the kiwi bird.the house is 10 inch behind the kiwi bird.the house is facing southeast. the second house is -2.5 feet behind the kiwi bird. it is 1 foot tall. it is 8 inches above the bottom of the kiwi bird. it is facing right. it is leaning 20 degrees to the front.
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nheiges  (11/17/2017) 
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