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Exhibit A

Input text: 
a room.a fence is in front of the room.the fence is 50 feet tall.the fence is 30 feet long.a man is 6 feet behind the fence.the man is white.the man is facing southwest.a table is 1 feet right of the man.a book is on the table.the ground is 80 feet tall.the room is texture.the ground is field.a 1st alien is in front of the fence.the 1st alien is facing the man.a 2nd alien is right of the 1st alien.the 2nd alien is facing the man.a apple is 6 inches in front of the man.the ground is shiny.a cyan light is in front of the fence.the sun is old gold.a rocket is 30 feet in front of the 2nd alien.the rocket is 20 feet right of the 2nd alien.the rocket's fin is blue.the rocket's fuselage is red.
nheiges (2017) 
Why doesn't it eat its apple? :-)
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