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Incognito Ergo Sum

Input text: 
the skull is inside the hand of the grim reaper. the very bright point_light is 3 inches above the bottom of the skull. the point_light is tiny. The tombstone is next to the grim reaper. The green laurel tree is behind the tombstone. The grim reaper is on the tall mountain range. the foam texture is on the mountain range. the enormous silver sphere is 20 feet behind the tombstone. the sphere is 20 feet above the ground. the sphere is to the right of the grim reaper.
#pun #humor 
rws (legacy) 
What the ...
coyne (legacy) 
We now have an infinite supply of tile textures!
rws (legacy) 
but how did you do this?
coyne (legacy) 
I've added lots of new 2D effects -- this one is "mosaic"

btw, there are various parameters not exposed in the interface to control shape and regularity of the tiles. I'd like to add those at some point.
rws (legacy) 
ah. it's a very interesting effect.
coyne (legacy) 
I revamped the 2D effects interface using javascript to update the parameter listing dynamically when you select the operation. So now operations can support more than a single parameter. Mosaic now has a bunch of fun knobs to twiddle.

This change also allowed bi-directional operations to be consolidated into one (e.g. saturate/desaturate -* saturation, etc).
rws (legacy) 
Okay I'll try itout.
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