That rock and roll music is just noise.
nheiges typed a picture: a 6 foot tall beige rose professor. a marble is 20 feet in front of and to the left of the professor. the professor faces the marble. a 1st 12 foot tall and 100 foot wide flat silver wall faces right. it is -6.1 foot above the professor. it is -3.6 foot to the right of the professor. a 2 foot tall beige rose hand is -3.2 foot to the left of and -2.6 foot above and -4 foot in front of the professor. it leans 90 degrees to the left. a 2nd [music] wall is behind the professor. (This scene uses Getty Images )
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Nanook  (11/30/2017) 
how many times did I hear that growing up?
nheiges  (11/30/2017) 
Haha, I heard it from my parents. My son has yet to find music for me to hate. :-)
watcher570  (12/1/2017) 
Oh he will :-)
nheiges  (12/1/2017) 
KAWE  (12/1/2017) 
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