To many last orders's at KAWE's bar!
watcher570 typed a picture: a upside down man.the man is leaning 100 degrees to the south.a 3.5 feet tall shiny toilet is -26 inches behind the man.a flat wall is behind the toilet.the wall is tile.the ground is is night.a dim yellow light is 5 feet above the toilet.a sink is 6 inches right of the toilet.a table is 15 inches left of the toilet.a bottle is on the table.a shiny bath is 2 inches left of the table.the bath is in front of the wall.
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KAWE  (12/2/2017) 
The last beer was obviously one too much :-)
Great pic congrats
nheiges  (12/2/2017) 
LOL and well done!
Nanook  (12/2/2017) 
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