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Second Flight

Input text: 
The huge astronaut is 6 feet to the right of the airplane. The airplane is 10 feet tall. the airplane is 35 feet above the extremely tall grassy hill. the hill is behind the 8 deciduous trees. The trees are on the extremely tall grassy mountain range. The airplane is facing left. THe astronaut is facing left. The ground has a water texture. THe water texture is 80 feet wide. It is partly cloudy.
Zamchick (legacy) 
I see shadows even though it is partly clouded. Is that new?
coyne (legacy) 
No. It's always done that. I think you're confusing it with "overcast" or "cloudy".
Zamchick (legacy) 
really? I thought partly cloudy obliterated shadows too. I think some reduced level of shadows are nice even on cloudy days.
coyne (legacy) 
Partly cloudy reduces the level, but they're still there. Cloudy/overcast removes them completely.

I think it should be recalibrated...there should be more direct sunlight with "partly cloudy" than currently. Likewise, "overcast" should have at least some direct sunlight.
coyne (legacy) 
I changed it so "partly cloudy" give the same direct light as "sunny". And "cloudy" now will give some direct sunlight (like "partly cloudy" did before).

We'll see how this works. It can be further adjusted.

Heres' the scene re-rendered scene-5069
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