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what happens when you do last minute shopping!
it's snow good getting annoyed

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a 1st cart.a man is behind the cart.a 1st cabbage is -24 inches above the cart.a 2nd cabbage is -6 inches right of the 1st cabbage.a lettuce is in front of the 2nd cabbage.a cauliflower is -3 inches in front of the 1st cabbage.a 1st bottle is behind the 2nd cabbage.a milk carton is left of the bottle.a 1st cake is -1 inches above the lettuce.a grapefruit is left of the milk carton.a box is -1.5 inches above the 1st cabbage.the box is leaning 25 degrees to the north.a can is -2 inches above the 2nd cabbage.a banana is in front of the can.a broccoli is -5 inches above the box.the broccoli is leaning 22 degrees to the north.a 2nd cake is left of the 1st cake.the 2nd cake is [christmas].the [christmas] is 6 inches tall.a 1st wave is in front of the cart.the 1st wave is snow.a 2nd wave is -2 feet right of the 1st wave.the 2nd wave is snow.the ground is snow.the 2nd wave is 2 inches in the ground.the sky is snow.
nheiges (2017) 
haha :-)
nheiges (2017) 
Christmas Morning Surprise

Nanook (2017) 
And it backfired ...
Timothy just thought it would be funny to leave Santa a chunk of coal instead of cookies.

KAWE (2017) 
it happens a catastrophe :-)
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