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Muddy waters II (Origami boat)

Input text: 
a 500 inch tall boat.ground is 8000 feet light is black.the boat is -50 inch above the ground.ground is shiny.ambient light is black.six 60% dim fire orange lights are -200 inch above the boat.six night blue lights are 150 inch above the boat.four 60% dim night blue lights are in front of the boat.the night blue lights are -330 inch above the boat.six 30% dim maroon lights are 100 inch right of the boat.the maroon lights are -300 inch above the boat.four 20% dim cyan lights are 150 inch left of the boat.the cyan lights are -400 inch above the is is 2000 feet leans 20 degrees to north.
Swirl, Contrast, Saturation
watcher570 (2018) 
nice use of effects
Nanook (2018) 
interesting :-)
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