When It Rains It Pours

Input text: a 60 feet tall woman. the shoe of the woman is yellow. a 60 feet tall and 80 feet wide shiny [wet] wall is 200 feet behind the woman. a 140 feet wide and 80 feet deep shiny [wet] photograph is in front of the wall. a 35 feet tall shiny blue umbrella is -31 feet above and -23 feet left of the woman. it leans 35 degrees to the back. the ground is [drop]. the camera light is black. it is noon. a dim light is behind the umbrella. the sky is black. a 150 feet tall streetlight is 8 feet right of and 70 feet behind the woman. it faces left. a dim light is -5 feet above and -1 feet left of the street light. a dim light is -7 feet above the umbrella. a 20 feet tall dog is 3 feet left of the woman. a dim light is behind the dog
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Effects: Contrast, Sharpen
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Nanook  (2018) 

hedgehog1965  (2018) 
Makes me glad I'm sitting in the warm tonight :-)
coyne  (2018) 
very evocative of a mood!
nheiges  (2018) 
Oh wow, these are great!
nheiges  (2018) 
Not just the weather - the scene is also wonderful
Nanook  (2018) 
thanks, I thought about the Morton's salt logo when looking at a recipe and decided to try another weather scene. I studied one of @susu's rain scenes and using that template (thanks susu) I came up with this one. :-)
KAWE  (2018) 
you can feel the rain downright
watcher570  (2018) 
very atmospheric
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