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Input text: 
A chicken woman. Camera light is black. A silver wall is 10 feet in front of the woman. A red light is 2 feet in front of and right of the woman. The ground is dark and shiny. It is 200 feet high. The azimuth of the sun is 200 degrees. A dark pole is 8 feet left of and 4 feet in front of the woman. A dark pole is 9 feet left of the woman. It is facing east. It is 2 feet above the ground. A very tiny shiny black planet is 7 inch above and in front of and -3.2 feet right of the woman. It is leaning 45 degrees to the front. It is facing southwest. The ring of the planet is 2.5 inch wide dark rainbow. A large clear sphere is in front of and -6 inch above and -37 inch right of the planet. The sun is cream. A tiny bird is left of and below the sphere. A tiny bird is above and left of the bird. It is leaning 10 degrees to the left.
Sharpen, Swirl, Cracked paint, Saturation, Illustration, Hue
nheiges (2018) 
I like the way you made the eye!
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