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The old sawmill

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a 100 inch tall and 400 inch wide and 900 inch deep alligator.the alligator is 400 inch wide [wood].ground is 500 inch tall [wood].the eye of the alligator is shiny blue.a 90 inch tall and 20 inch wide and 20 inch deep wood log is -20 inch in front of the alligator.the log leans 85 degrees to the front.the log is -60 inch above the alligator.a 180 inch tall and 240 inch wide and 260 inch deep [wood] sawmill is -920 inch in front of the alligator.the sawmill is 40 inch right of the alligator.the roof of the sawmill is [wood].the sawmill is facing the alligator.the sawmill is -5 inch above the ground.
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