Initiating Change

Input text: a 9 feet tall clear sky blue eggplant is 10 feet above the ground. a dull [scales] woman is -7.9 feet above the eggplant. 5 coral lights are above the woman. 3 lilac lights are behind the woman. she is upside down. she leans 40 degrees to the front. a 1 feet tall silver spoon is -4 feet behind the woman. it leans 65 degrees to the front. 2 cyan lights are .1 feet in front of and -.3 feet above the spoon.the ground is clear. the sky is clear. the camera light is rust. 1st 3 feet wide clear dodecahedron is right of and -3 feet above the eggplant. 2nd 12 feet wide clear dodecahedron is -10 feet above the eggplant.the sun's azimuth is 20 degrees. the sun's altitude is 10 degrees. the sun is bright white. the bathing suit of the woman is [skin]. the bathing cap of the woman is shiny [skin]. a 15 feet tall moth orchid is -6.8 feet right of and -5.8 feet in front of and -14 feet above the 2nd dodecahedron. the stalk of the moth orchid is shiny copper. 2 gold lights are -8 feet above and -.5 feet left of the moth orchid.
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nheiges  (2018) 
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