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One Way Out

Input text: 
A cream light is in front of and above a huge thick [smoke] torus. The sun is brown. Camera light is black. The ground is clear. A scarlet light is right of the huge thick [smoke] torus. A huge [smoke] torus is 3.5 feet behind the huge thick [smoke] torus. huge [smoke] torus is leaning 10 degrees to the back. A navy light is in front of the huge [smoke] torus. A huge thick [smoke] torus is 4 feet behind the huge [smoke] torus. torus is leaning 35 degrees to the back. a very enormous head is 5 foot behind the torus. it is 4 feet in the ground. A brown light is above the torus. The sky is leaning back. the clear tornado is -4 feet above the torus. it is leaning 90 degrees to the front. it is 2 feet in front of the scarlet light. it is 7 feet tall. the man is -3 feet in front of the tornado. he is -2.5 feet above the tornado. he is 1 feet tall. the aquamarine light is above and 2 feet in front of the man.
##HD #song 
Scene credits:
Ring of Fire (Scene)
nheiges (2018) 
I never could blow a smoke ring :-)
hedgehog1965 (2018) 
Nicely extinguished :-)
susu (2018) 

Forgive my curiosity, but is it a gesture of waiting or a gesture of success?
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