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Why did we have to move to a sewer pipe!

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a shiny ray.a 2 inch tall man is -8.8 inches above the ray.a 2 inch tall woman is 1 inches right of the man.she is -2 inches above the man.a aqua light is above the man.a 1 inch tall chair is left of the man.a 1.5 inch tall bed is 1 inches behind the man.the bed's headboard is shiny pink.the bed is facing southeast.a 1.5 inch tall wardrobe is right of the bed.a 0.7 inch tall dog is -0.8 inches above the bed.it is facing the woman.
KAWE (2018) 
because women love change :-)
nheiges (2018) 
funny! :-)
hedgehog1965 (2018) 
Fortunately WE can't render the smell :-)
susu (2018) 
the dog seems to have fun :)
Nanook (2018) 
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