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The Personality Test

Input text: 
the boy is 3 inches in the chair. the chair is behind the wood desk. the grey laptop is on the desk. the desk is facing back. the large black bear is -7 inches behind and -2.5 foot to the right of the chair. the 1st [pattern] wall is behind the bear. a 2nd [pattern] wall is to the left of the wall. it is facing right. the 2nd chair is in front of and -6 feet to the left of the 1st wall. It is facing southeast. the 2nd bear -1 feet above the 2nd chair. it is facing southeast. the very tiny third bear is in front of and -6 inches to the left of the laptop. it is facing northwest. the shirt of the boy is red. the coral light is three feet above the laptop. the camera light is black. the mauve light is 3 feet above and 4 feet to the right of the boy.
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Nanook (2018) 
I can bearly wait to see the results!
nheiges (2018) 
An interesting issue - but how are the black bears involved?
lespaulguy (2018) 
Professor Aleksandr Kogan worked up the test, secured the results, and ran back and forth to St. Petersburg State University with them. The bear represents that connection to Russia.
nheiges (2018) 
Oh, I see! Thanks :-)
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