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Dude! I thought you were a rock!

Input text: 
ground is clear. sky is blue gray. sun is teal. a 1st 10 foot tall [rock] rock is on a 1 foot tall and 500 foot wide and 500 foot deep sand dune. sand dune is 1 inch in the ground. 1st rock is -7 foot left of a second 10 foot tall [rock] rock. a 10 foot tall [rock] catfish is -9 feet in front of and -5 feet right of 2nd rock. it is noon. a very large shiny swimmer is upside down. he is above the 1st rock. he is west of the catfish. he faces west. the catfish faces the swimmer.a 1st large clear wall is 10 feet south of and 10 feet east of the rocks. it faces the rocks. a 2nd huge flat [abstract] wall is 4 feet south of and 4 feet east of the 1st wall. 2nd wall faces 1st wall. sea green light is above 1st rock.
Contrast, Saturation, Sharpen
Nanook (2018) 
too funny!
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