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Planets watching you

Input text: 
three different huge eye balls are in the sky. The eye balls are facing west.
ebbaalm (legacy) 
I couldn't select different eye objects. Also, would it be possible to have 'facing me' as a direction option?
coyne (legacy) 
It looks like the selection for the first eye texture gets applied to them all. I'll look into why that is.

Having objects automatically face the camera is not currently supported since it would require the scene being updated every time the viewpoint changed. Would be useful though...so something for the future.
ebbaalm (legacy) 
coyne (legacy) 
The eyeball selection problem is fixed now.

It turned out that "keep same objects" wasn't working with scenes that had multiple images of the same name. So even if you didn't select an new eyeball texture, they'd still be made all identical if you did Display Scene again (with "keep same objects" selected).
ebbaalm (legacy) 
thanks for looking into that.
ebbaalm (legacy) 
See scene-5555
coyne (legacy) 
Looks cool! Are you going to post it to the gallery?

(though this one above is nice too, the cracked paint effect makes it look really spooky)
ebbaalm (legacy) 
Sure, I can do that.
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