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Sometimes We Eat Our Words
Based on a copyrighted poem by Mike Gentile titled "Please Pass Me The Salt" found here:

Input text: 
a [texture] chair is -1 feet behind a 3 feet tall table. a large copper baking dish is -1.8 feet left of and -2.2 feet in front of and on the table. it faces northwest. a man is -4 feet above the chair. a large fork is -.6 feet above and -1.3 feet right of and -1.4 feet in front of the man. it faces southeast. it leans to the southeast. a 6 inch tall and 1 feet wide [forest] "WORD" is -.3 feet above the baking dish. it leans back. a 2 feet wide [never2] plate is on the table.a 8 inch tall and 1.4 feet wide shiny [food] "WORDS" is -.1 feet above the plate. it faces southeast. it leans back. a 14 feet long [never] wall is behind the chair. it is .6 feet above the ground. a large bottle is .5 feet right of and -1.5 feet in front of the plate. a 6 inch tall and 6 inch wide silver "SALT" is -1 feet above and .1 feet in front of the bottle. it leans 5 degrees to the back.a large flat golf ball is on the bottle. the dimple of the golf ball is black. it leans 90 degrees to the back. a 5.5 inch wide white cube is -1.8 feet above the bottle. a bright light is .1 feet above the cube. the ground is clear. a night blue light is .1 feet right of the "WORDS".
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Sharpen, Contrast, Contrast
nheiges (2018) 
Some words are best taken with a grain of salt - or the whole shaker :-) Fun scene! Oh, the totw I believe is "Words" - plural
watcher570 (2018) 
nice scene!
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