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Living in Wonderland

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a invisible wood door. a large wood wall is 4 feet left of and 4 feet behind the door. it faces right. a large wood window is behind and right of the wall. it is noon. a person is -10 feet behind and 6 feet right of the wall. she faces back. ground is invisible. a forget me not blue light is south of and west of and -2 feet above the person. camera light is dim. sky is 2700 foot tall [Stevie Wonder]. a 5 foot tall plant is in front of the window. it is right of the wall. a 4 foot tall sofa faces right. it is in front of the plant.
lespaulguy (2018) 
The Best :-)
Nanook (2018) 
absolutely great!!
nheiges (2018) 
Thanks. I love his music so much!
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