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Queen of the Iceni

Input text: 
A boring boar is next to an interesting boar. A large golden chariot is behind the boars. A silver woman is -2.8 feet above and -2 feet behind the chariot. The ground is 10 feet wide [field]. Camera light is black. A royal blue light is above the boars. A blue light is in front of and above the woman. The sun is brown. A scarlet light is behind the boar. A forest is in the background. A dark hatchet is -11 inch right of and -4 feet above the woman. It is facing east. It is leaning forward. A light is 2 feet in front of the boars. The background is dark and tall. A rock is 2 feet left of and behind the chariot. A rodent is on the rock. It is facing the woman. A large rock is behind and -3 feet left of the rock. A rock is 1 foot behind and right of the rock. A dark pine tree is 3 feet in front of and right of the rock. A dark pine tree is 3 feet left of the tree. The sky is leaning right. A plant is 3 foot in front of and left of the rock. A bow is behind and -3 feet above and -1.7 feet left of the woman. It is leaning right. A red light is behind the rock.
Cracked paint, Contrast, Saturation
nheiges (2018) 
I can't tell which is the boring and which is the interesting boar - it's a fine line, I guess :-) Nice scene!
KAWE (2018) 
Nanook (2018) 
this is really enchanting and I love the woman's outfit created by the reflections (genius) and let's not overlook the mouse !!!
hedgehog1965 (2018) 
Thanks all - it's Boudica herself in this one (perhaps about to summon Andraste)...
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