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A crack in time

Input text: 
a shiny hourglass.the hourglass is 30 feet deep.the hourglass is 15 feet wide.the hourglass is 18 feet tall.the hourglass's sand is sand.a 30 feet tall shiny clock is behind the hourglass.a 16 feet tall web is -6 inches in front of the hourglass.the sky is picture.a 20 feet tall black alien is 2 feet in front of the web.the alien is facing the hourglass.silver ground.the web is shiny.
Despeckle, Contrast, Saturation, Balloon, Contrast, Solarize
KAWE (2018) 
lespaulguy (2018) 
you get the glass fragment award :-)
Nanook (2018) 
well done!!
hedgehog1965 (2018) 
I'm afraid it won't be cheap to fix; time is money!
Nanook (2018) 
nheiges (2018) 
good one!
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